This department deals with preventing disease, prolonged life & through organized community efforts. mental efficiency conducts dental check up camps and surveys using mobile dental vans for motivating and educating patients for better oral hygiene and educate them about the harmful effects of bad oral habit. (tobacco, pan, smoking, etc. at community level in rural and urban areas) and lack of dental care.

The outreach programs are carried out on the regular basis with the help of mobile dental unit through organized dental camps. The camps are conducted with the aim of making people aware of oral health promoting oral health among them & provision of basic treatment such as extraction, oral prophylaxis and restorations.


The department main function are oral & dental health education, by improving the oral health of the community. the department arranges the dental care programs with mobile dental van which can provide basic dental services. Mobile dental van has all the latest facilities. Department’s programs are schools dental health, community dental health, early caries detection, monitoring & education programs & typical application of Fluoride etc.

The Department is Headed by efficient Prof Awadhesh Kumar Singh who did his graduaton & post graduation from King George’s Medical University, Lucknow.

He has 13+ years teaching experience. He is internal examiner in both BDS and MDS examinations.

He has 13 published articles in national, international and speciality journals. He is life member of Indian Society of Periodontology. He is editorial board member of Journal of Oral Health and Dentistry, Publisher- Scientia Ricerca, USA and Journal of Dental Treatment and Oral Care, publisher- Science Inquest, USA.

He has attended CDE programmes, speciality convention and conference at national and international level.Also presented paper in regional meeting of International Academy of Periodontology, USA, at MAIDS, New Delhi.