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The Secretary’s Message

Mr. V. K. Sharma

V. K. Sharma


From the Secretary’s Desk

Season’s Greetings,
The Journey of a thousand Miles begins with a single step.
We took the first single step with just few teachers and students and began our journey towards excellence in academic pursuit.Today we have added large number teachers and students to our CHANDRA FAMILY.
It is every students dream to study in a college that enables him/her to learn from the best and become the best.Our college have successfully created a holistic learning atmosphere for students.We also support them in counseling so that their career is lucrative and offers good growth opportunities.
Chandra Dental College and Hospital (CDC&H) is the first step towards the establishment of similar excellence educational centers in the area, so that children from weaker sections may access quality education without having to go elsewhere.
I note with satisfaction the trust placed in us by guardians and students alike. In our pursuit of excellence, we remain indebted to the widespread recognition and affection shown towards our institution.

Thanking you and with best wishes

संसाधनों का बेहतर उपयोग कर, हमने कठिन परिश्रम से चिकित्सीय शिक्षा के क्षेत्र में पहला कदम रखा है…। हर्ष है कि चन्द्रा डेन्टल कॉलेज, बाराबंकी को स्थानीय व प्रादेशिक/राष्ट्रीय स्तर पर व्यापक समर्थन मिल रहा है। हम भविष्य में अनेकानेक प्रयासों को फलीभूत करेंगे, इसी संकल्प के साथ आपका अभिनन्दन।

Yours sincerely,
V K Sharma